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blanco shot a ball in to the gap in right center and then turned on the jets and made it to third easily. ahead on the count here, 2-1. sanchez flapping at it. cabrera makes the play. got him at first! the stretch for out number one. >> tim: terrific play by prince fielder. blanco tried that three times. finally made contact. a quick strong throw. but fielder was off the bag there, and then tried to come back. blanco made have beaten the throw. i think the right foot was up in the air when the hand was on the bag. >> joe: i agree. sanchez is now 0-3.
7:31 pm
struck out twice. flies to right. it looked like the foot of fielder, the right one was up in the air when the hand would have crossed from gregor blanco. >> tim: yeah. here it is one more time. he is not on the bag there. it's up. hand touches the bag. he was safe. >> joe: i agree. fielder did get the foot back on bag but looked like blanco touched it. >> tim: it appeared that way. still a fine play by fielder to get the call. >> joe: still virtually impossible to seedy fintive proof that he was safe and the foot was off the bag. crawford has his second hit of the night with two out. he had a two-out rbi base hit in the second. made it 2-nothing. now he is on with two out here in the seventh.
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it will bring in angel pagan, who put a charge in the ball the last time up. he gave a glance over at tigers dugout to see if leyland was coming out. benoit up earlier. he is up again and read ready. but for now it will be anibal sanchez. trying to get pagan for the fourth time tonight. strike one. bottom of the seventh inning it will be avila, infante, and austin jackson. >> joe: fister was good in game two. sanchez, good here in game three. he has allowed two runs, that's it. almost through seven innings, he has allowed
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only six hits. >> tim: nice to see doug fister in the clubhouse tonight walking around and looking fine, smiling. no hill effects from the frightening line drive off his head in game two. >> joe: said are you tired of the questions? he said, "it just means people care." >> tim: that's right. guys love to answer questions like that. >> joe: he is totally fine. ken rosenthal, did you talk to doug? >> ken: i did. no cat scan or mri. he is fine. not even a bump on his head. really, i talked to him about surviving that whole thing. he said hey, my dad larry was a defensive lineman at fresno state. if you can walk off the field you walk off the field. so, near serious situation was not all that serious as it turned out. >> joe: 0-1, the count on pagan. one on, two out. ball and a strike.
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scutaro next, either here in the seventh. i imagine if it's in the seventh it will be against benoit. >> tim: right. >> joe: or leading off in the eighth. tigers had a pitcher rick porcello up way back in the second. benoit and smyly have both been up. benoit more than once. anibal sanchez has persevered. the problem is his teammates have not been able to string together hits. one ball, one strike, on pagan. now strike two.
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>> tim: anibal sanchez still has the good breaking ball and good changeup. >> joe: the 1-2, runner goes. throw down by avila. not in time. now an easier rbi chance for pagan. the count of 2-2. >> tim: again, that is the problem. when a pitcher has a good changeup or a curveball, it takes longer to get to the plate. it was down in the dirt. alex avila had too much to do before he made the play. and the second stolen base of the night for the giants. >> joe: now a 2-2 pitch. big run sitting out there for the giants, as pagan hooks it foul.
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brandon crawford two out of three tonight. seventh road post season game this 2012 for crawford. and he is well over .300 away from san francisco. he has played a great shortstop. game in with 18 straight errorless games. the most important position out there in the field. avila wants to make sure with a runner at second. he will go talk to anibal sanchez. tomorrow night, the matchup, matt cain/max scherzer. game four. right after football on fox. the great late game of the giants-cowboys. the 2-2 pitch. got him looking. the inning is over.
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big pitch by sanchez. he strikes out eight on the night. looking for some run support. something he has struggled to get all season long. whether it in miami or here in detroit. it's 2-nothing, giants. time to stretch. here in detroit. we go to public address announcer bobb vergiels for the introduction of "god bless america." >> ladies and gentlemen, will you all please rise as we pay tribute to america and welcome staff sergeant emie gould of the 126 army band united states army as she leads us in the singing of "god bless america." >> ♪ god bless america ♪ land that i love ♪ stand beside her
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>> joe: the world series is sponsored by -- >> joe: tim lincecum back to the hill. avila first up. then infante. back to the top of the order. austin jackson. the big bats will come to plate again for the tigers before the end of this one.
7:42 pm
they have had their chances tonight. fielder had two on with one out in first. hit in a double play. cabrera had the bases loaded two out in the fifth. then he popped up. 2-nothing, bottom of the seventh. a avenue takes outside. 1-1 -- avila takes outside. 1-1. lincecum got the final out in the sixth. now he bounces one in there. 2-1. avila struck out an singled against vogelsong. >> joe: that's outside. 3-1.
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>> joe: chopped off the plate. lincecum to the bag. easy out, as it turns out to start the seve seventh. major league baseball helps boys and girls club of america reach 4 million kids worl worldwide. visit to learn how you can support your local and girls clubs. mickey's family was out there. spent his entire 15-year career with the tigers. primarily in center from '64-'78. >> tim: he won four gold gloves in centerfield and started the 1968 world series at shortstop to give alkayline chance to play
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right field. here is number 6. >> joe: here is a fly ball to right. easy for hunter pence. two out here in the bottom of the seventh inning. there is the great al kayline. just loved here in detroit. throwing out the first pitch before game three. >> tim: elegance, grace, class, all of those things. he wreaks of all of those words. >> joe: 18 years old. that's how old he was when he was straight off sand juan to baltimore and won batting title at the age of 20. 1955. the youngest player ever to win a batting title. one day younger than ty cobb did when he won. two, out, nobody on, first pitch toiac jack. now a swinging strike. >> tim: at one time this year there was talk
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of mike trout of the angels perhaps breaking al kaline's record. miguel cabrera led the american league in hitting. not mike trout. even though boy, did he burst on the scene. >> joe: 2-1 on austin jackson. he is the only player obviously that could challenge miguel cabrera for the a.l. mvp. >> tim: right. >> joe: a 2-1. 2-2 from lincecum. the two-time cy young award winner who is now a huge weapon out of the bullpen for bruce bochy. >> tim: he looks like he has better stuff today and tonight than he did his first round in game one. >> joe: two out, nobody on. the 2-2.
7:46 pm
full count. benoit it appears will take over in the eighth. >> joe: fouled back by jackson who walked to load the bases in the fifth. with one out. then quintin berry struck out. miguel cabrera and the biggest at-bat of the night for the tigers popped up. >> joe: inside. a two-out walk. on base for the third time tonight is austin jackson, as quintin berry will be the hitte
7:47 pm
hitter. >> joe: berry hit in to a double play and struck out with the bases loaded. strike one. >> tim: last inning you mentioned the word "desperation." this tigers are desperate to get berry on base so the big gun can come up again. this time with two on, not three on. >> joe: chased the pitch. that good delivery from lincecum. the count 0-2. jeremy affeldt, the left-hander cranks it up. the last 14 innings for the tigers hitters, not one extra base hit. and berry strikes out
7:48 pm
for the second time tonight. 50-3. he gets his first world series start. now the tigers have stranded eight. we go to the eighth. 2-nothing, giants on to top. introducing the new 13-inch macbook pro, ♪ with the stunning retina display. ♪ for the pro in all of us.
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>> joe: joaquin benoit will take over here in the eighth. trying to keep it a 2-nothing game. sanchez goes seven. allows two runs on six hits, struck out eight, walked only one. threw a wild pitch. marco scutaro is first up. benoit hits the outside corner. anibal sanchez had the second lowest run support of any starting pitcher in baseball during 2012. and in the post-season, obviously, this game becomes even more team-oriented than individual statistics. for sanchez, a guy who will be a free agent. goes back to the screen. ball one strike. he now has been handed
7:52 pm
in support two runs or fewer. in 23 of his 34 starts this season. that includes tonight. >> tim: something of which he has no control. phil coke up now for the tigers. >> joe: scutaro, sandoval, posey against benoit. 2-1. bottom of this eighth inning. there is a save to be had for the giants on their pitching staff, it may come in the bottom of this inning. cabrera, fielder, delmon young. three, four, and five hitters. what is now a two-run game. >> tim: good point. saves come at different times in a game. >> joe: lincecum is in the game and pitching
7:53 pm
well. he did in the l.c.s., in the division series and as he did in game one of this world series. that is on the corner. 2-2. scutaro ended the season with a 20-game hitting streak. he has a streak of having reached safely with at least one base hit in 18 straight on the road. 2nd of september on. including the post season. 0-3 tonight. hitless in game two. that is peralta to his left. out number one. >> joe: let's go back in time and look at 1966. this is the last time a team threw back-to-back
7:54 pm
shutouts and they actually shut out the dodgers games two through four. palmer was part of that. >> tim: gentleman jim palmer beat sandy koufax # of-nothing, in koufax -- 67-nothin 6-nothn koufax's last pitch. >> joe: sandoval stands in and comes up empty. strike one. the last time the national league team threw back-to-back shu shutouts, the other was the a.l. side for the orioles. 19-19. that was the black sox. the white sox and the black sox scandal. two were shut out. fly ball to left. well hit.
7:55 pm
back at the wall. off the base of the wall. and sandoval is in to second. with a one-out double. he has two more hits tonight. >> tim: reaching out. pitches the ball off the plate. trailing away, a two-seam fastball. sandoval once again shows power the other way. one of the home run, hit off justin verlander. in game one. >> joe: almost rode that thing all the way out of here. that is now 23 hits in this post season. that is the most ever for a giant in any single post season. he is at second. one out. batter is posey, takes a strike. >> tim: i was interested in quotes made by will clark, the exgiant, excardinal. great player.
7:56 pm
who said sandoval has the best hand-eye coordination he had ever seen. when you think about it, to be that much of a fastball hitter, you to have the best hand-eye coordination. swings off the plate. hits them. >> joe: runner at second. one out. 0-1 pitch. away to posey. he has driven in seven in the entire post season. one in this world series. >> joe: here is the 1-1 pitch. with a runner at second. one out. posey trying to add to a 2-nothing lead. strike two.
7:57 pm
giants having fun. that includes here in this world series. makes that little heart back to the dugout. there is pagan. angel pagan. lincecum sitting near zito. lincecum is in the ballgame. pitching for the giants, hoping for more of a cushion. here is a 1-2. got him looking. that tailed back over for strike three. two outs. >> tim: benoit got the two strikes and finished posey off with a fas fastball. >> joe: with two out,
7:58 pm
runner at second. the bat her be pence -- the batter will be pence. that will bring jeff jones the pitching coach out. pence all of a sud season hot. he has walked tonight. two singles. with the left-handed hitting brandon belt on deck. we will see how aggressive the tigers want to be with hunter pence. fox n.f.l. sunday tomorrow. talk about eli manning a the clutch performances that he is known for now across the n.f.l. starting at noon eastern, 9:0:00 pacific. before a great slate of games. good early games an funnel to a big one late. with the giants and the cowboys. meeting number two this
7:59 pm
season between the two clubs. >> tim: got to think jeff jones told benoit done dare throw pence a strike. >> joe: a free-swinger. base open. belt on deck. strike-out of buster posey. >> tim: told you. >> joe: pence gets back in. sandoval. with two out. 2-nothing giants in the eighth. here comes an 0-1. >> tim: the worst thing a catcher can hear in that situation is be careful with this guy. because there is no up-side to the two words "be careful." it means if you get a hit, it's your fault. if he doesn't,

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